First Blog Post of… I guess ever…

Hello, Everybody! (or nobody, not really sure if anyone will actually read this)

My mother told me a couple months ago “you may want to make a blog Riley” I put that into Google Translate and ended up with “Riley, make a blog or else”. Yup, pretty much why I’m here.

Anyway, what have I been up to?

Starting way back in early December, I cut back on my riding by a fair amount, doing hikes, rowing and speed skating to keep me occupied. My mother also makes sure to criticize my Speed Skating and Rowing as much as she can; comments ranging from “You look like Bambie on ice Riley!” to “why don’t you go any faster, Riley? Tired Riley?” As an excuse she usually states; “keeping you humble since 2001”, guess I can’t argue with that!

When Christmas rolled around we went up to Nanoose Bay and visited with my grandparents, aunt and cousin. It was a week of doing almost nothing and I was going crazy. Christmas morning, however, I unlocked my inner 6-year-old and was up at 5 am waiting to open my presents. Thanks to my “loving” mother, she provided to not let us open them for another 7 hours. It was a pretty awesome Christmas and I won the “best gift given” apparently, on top of that I made someone cry from happiness! I guess a National Champion jersey can do that to your grandfather. “who would have thunk it?”IMG_2660

We returned home on the 28th,  we left 20min later.  A quick bag switch,  dress shoes, shirt and pants,  and we were off to the airport.   We flew to the Turks and Caicos on the redeye and stayed for a week.  My asthma was highly affected by the air conditioning so breathing was a struggle.  We spent most of our time on a beach or playing cards so it was, all in all, a great time,  but I missed my bike.

from left to right; Saylor, me, Charlie, Dad, Mom,
from left to right; Saylor, me, Charlie, Dad, Mom,

Once we were back home (for real)  my father and I started painting my track bike, much to the disagreement of my mother.  First was a fair amount of sanding, and I have to give a shoutout to trek; took me over an hour to sand off their logo!


After Sanding, I painted (most of it, my dad fixed any screw-ups) a couple coats of plain gold and a couple coats of Gold fleck. (pretty much gold glitter)  after that, more sanding.  yay!

Checking to make sure the fleck is evenly painted

After sanding with 400 and 800 grit sand paper, we started sticking the stickers. there are 72 maple leafs and 4 names, Erin, Adam, Sarah, and Angus, my teammates from nationals. After all the stickers were applied, we started spraying again. We painted the rest Candy Red. Candy Red is an almost see through paint, so in the sunlight, the gold shines through. 4 or 5 coats of that and we started peeling off stickers.

Top Tube – Looks pretty good doesnt it?

It took 2 flipping hours!

Erin’s name – dotted with a maple leaf

Once all the Stickers were removed, we threw on a couple clear coats and called it closed! Only one last decision, what colour bar tape? Red and Gold? Plain white?

Gold chainring looks sick with it!

Track camp was that weekend, and let me tell you, it’s fast! Set a track PB in my 200m, then was smashed to bits by Kelyn Akuna and John Willcox in some of the most aggressive match sprinting I’ve ever done. Track week went smoothly after that, EXCEPT, the motorbike was broken. What’s the logical answer? Fix the motorbike? Nah, why not “Riley! can you act as a motorbike for a couple minutes?”

me: “um, sure”

Lister (coach) “great you’ll be riding on the front for 15 minutes, twice”

Have you ever felt like you’ve been run over by a train? I was run over by that train, and a couple cars, a city bus, possible a firetruck as well. That pretty much brings us up to present day. Writing a blog when I should be studying. I should be posting once a month.  Hopefully….


2 thoughts on “First Blog Post of… I guess ever…”

  1. Glad to see I have such a huge effect on you Riley… in a good way. And I love your bike too. Awesome job that you did.
    Love, Mom

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